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Top 5: Favorite Female Characters [2018]


|| All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover ||

🌟 Every character of Colleen Hoover is special to me and Quinn captured my heart in this book. She has a relatable story and I think that’s the reason why I loved this even more. I’m not saying I’ve been in the same situation but just seeing how much it affected her and her marriage, it was enough to feel how painful it was. She had her heartbreaking moments, ones that broke my heart too, and her pain was so real I remember crying for most part. 🌟

princess winter
|| Winter by Marissa Meyer ||

🌟 Well, well, I admit I LOVE all the characters from The Lunar Chronicles series but since Winter was the last one I read, she’d be my favorite for today. I think Princess Winter is a little crazy, okay maybe not just a little, but she’s dependable and she cares for her people. I like her chemistry with Jacin, they’re soooooo cute! Same with her friendship with Scarlet. Among the MC, Winter would be my fourth favorite. 🌟

vaughn bennett
|| When It’s Real by Erin Watt ||

🌟 Vaughn Bennett grew on me throughout the book. When It’s Real may not be the most original story I’ve read last 2018 but the flow of the story and character development were enough for me to like it. Vaughn is practical, she sees what’s important and what needs to be done. There were times I didn’t agree on the choices she made but overall she’s likeable. Her relationship with her sister and twin brothers is one of my favorites in this book and of course the romance with oh so gorgeous, Oakley. 🌟

|| The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren ||

🌟 I’m not sure with Liv at first but the latter part of the book made me like her. Liv is still hurting inside for what happened in their school 12 years ago and participating in a documentary about it didn’t help at all. Remembering brought so many emotions to her and there were moments in this book I found myself tearing up. 🌟

mia corvere
|| Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff ||

🌟 One word for Mia Corvere; badass. It took me a while to pick up Godsgrave after reading Nevernight but diving into Mia’s world again was exciting. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of Mia but considering that I haven’t read that much book last year, I’m including her on the list. She has a complex character, determined to take revenge that she’ll go to the gates of hell and she’s just so badass you can’t help but cheer for her! 🌟


So there, you have 5 of my favorite female characters from the books I read last year.

Happy Reading!

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