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DEZtination: Summer at Palawan 2019 ☀️

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☂️ Hello, hello! Rainy Sunday, everyone! It’s my day off so I got some time to blog and just chill around tonight. It’s been a while but tonight I’ve got some DEZtinations for you all, some places I’ve visited the past months. Also, I know this is not a book related post but I just had to share with you the  one of the most awaited summer vacations we had.

I know I’ve mentioned this in one of my past posts that my mom is from Palawan, one of the provinces here in our country, and it’s been 14 yeeeaaaaars since we left to live with our dad here in the metro. Last year we decided to visit and finally, finally, the long wait is over!

John and I had already visited late last year to celebrate our birthday but this visit is more especial since my sisters and dad were with us. This happened last summer and I can say that coming back with my family felt wonderful and nostalgic!



We went to see our relatives first, had dinner and just talked about the old times when our aunts and uncles used to look after us when our parents were away. We met our cousins and cute nieces/nephews! But who we missed the most was Nanay, our grandmother. I’m a proud Nanay’s girl because she was the one who raised me and I love her to the moon and back!


The rest of our days were spent in the beach, another thing we missed about Palawan. We traveled for 6 hours to get to the beautiful municipality of El Nido.



It was 5 days of happiness in a place we all love! We all enjoyed this vacation, the beached were beautiful, the foods were sooooo good and the people were all great! We’re planning on coming back and we hope it’ll be soooooon!

If you’re looking for a good place with beautiful beaches, please do visit El Nido, Plawan!

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