#nowreading [March 10, 2021]

*Cinders and Sparrows by Stefan Bachmann*

Chapter Two

The woods reared up above me, wild and twisting, a dark mass of evergreens and gnarled oaks. Night was falling quickly, and I could hear the infinite layers of sound from the forest’s depths, the hoot of owls, the whispering of leaves, the creak of branches . . . the rustle of small paws in the undergrowth, and then a sudden cry as the creature was caught.

Well, better get on with it, I thought, hoisting my bag onto my shoulder. And shrugging off my weariness, I began to climb.

Hello, hello. After almost half a year of not picking up a book, I’m back. Finally! Wanted to read something light but I came upon this book with its beautiful cover so I just had to pick it up. Happy reading! πŸ“–


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