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Poem: Me. You. Her.


I fall for you, you fall for her
I try to run away but couldn’t get anywhere
I give you my all, you give her your all
I try to look away but I still fall

My eyes on you, your eyes on her
Everyone knows your feelings but her
You ignore my heart then she ignores you
Everyone knows my feelings but you

And then she is gone, now you’re gone
I still ask myself what could have I done?
I gave you my love, you gave her your love
Why did I give you everything I have?

Now I feel lost coz you are gone
How could I believe you were the one?
Guess you and I weren’t meant for each other
Just your luck you and her weren’t either

*Since I love writing and saw that Drew over at The Tattooed Book Geek is having a poetry contest in celebration of his 6 months of Blogging, I decided to join. Win or lose I just want to share this little piece I made. But who knows I might just get lucky! 🙂


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