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Book Review: The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne

Title: The Wrong Side of Right
Author: Jenn Marie Thorne
PubDate: March 17, 2015
Page count: 400

“It’s amazing how much one person can change the world, even if they don’t know they’re doing it.”

Flat out five for this wonderful book.

The Wrong Side of Right is the story of Kate Quinn being the illegitimate daughter of Senator Mark Cooper, a Republican who is running for US presidency. A year earlier, Kate lost her mom and she never got to tell Kate about her father. So now that Mark Cooper unexpectedly shows up at her Uncle Barry’s house, claiming she’s his daughter, Kate decided she wants to know Mark Cooper, her father. And whether it’s only a political ploy or not the reason why they ask Kate to join the campaign, it doesn’t matter because all Kate wants is to get to know the father she always wanted to know. 

The story continues as Kate finally meets Mark’s family, his wife Meg and the twins, Gracie and Gabe. At first Kate doesn’t know how to feel or act around them but as time goes by, she realizes that they are good people. That if she gives it time, she can be a part of their family, too. She also meets her father’s campaign staffs and next thing she knows, she’s already Kate Cooper, It Girl of politics, smiling and waving to the cameras.

I really loved the book because it felt real and the story is timely. It was engrossing and I enjoyed it so much. The characters annoyed me sometimes but I think it’s what made me love them even more because it just proved that they were normal people who can be annoying sometimes. I love that Kate was supportive, tolerant and understanding and though her father can be a jerk sometimes, she still stayed and gave him time. I love that Mark Cooper can be a good politician but can’t be the father Kate needed because it only showed that he can make bad actions/decisions too. Meg was also my favorite. At first I thought she was going to be the typical wicked stepmother in every story but I was wrong because she actually cared for Kate. She was compassionate and supportive and while Mark gave little time or more likely, ignored Kate, she tried her best to make Kate feel like she was family because she was. Gracie and Gabe were also lovely. Their growing relationship with Kate warmed my heart. And then there was Andy Lawrence. I liked that he was funny and straightforward and stubborn and persistent. 

While I loved most parts of the book, there were also parts when I felt frustrated and angry. Mostly when Mark ignored Kate and made her feel like she wasn’t there. I know it was because he was busy and everything but with everything that Kate has done to support him in his campaign, the least he could do was talk to her. Because that was all she wanted; to know and to talk to her father. To feel like Mark wanted her to be with him. But no, after dragging Kate into that crazy world of political campaign, after forcing her to do everything his campaign staff told her to do, after making her understand his life and after endangering the lives of the family of Kate’s bestfriend, all Mark could do was to be a stubborn politician who can’t be a father to his teenage daughter. It was heartbreaking for Kate but at least it taught Mark a lesson or two.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Family drama plus politics plus forbidden love (sorry I’m a sucker for love stories. hehe) equals a good read. 


I would be lying if I tell you that I haven’t imagined myself being a daughter of a senator or a president. I have and Kate Quinn was exactly what I’ve imagined myself would be except for the part of being an illegitimate daughter. A smart-strong-willed-sometimes-stupid-sometimes-lonely teenager who just wanted to be accepted and make a difference. I’ve imagined my family to be wonderful, supportive and though it was a tough life, we would be happy. And of course, there would also be some other politician’s son who I can relate with and knew how hard it was to be a part of a political family. Like Andy. 

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Book Review: The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne

  1. I just finished this book and loved it. THAT ENDING made me so happy!! I kind of have a book hangover now because of this which is why I came looking for reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you loved it too!!! I didn’t have any expectations when I started reading it but along the way I just stared loving it more and more. 🙂


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